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fildena 25mg (sildenafil 25 mg) can be used for treating erectile dysfunction amidst man. It also treats pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and finally raises the exercising capacity in men as well as women. This drug helps the muscles that are found around your blood vessel’s walls to relax, thus growing the blood flow to specific areas of your body. It is a phosphodiesterase type 5 Inhibitor that helps to relax as well as expand the blood vessels in the body. It helps to enhance the flow of blood in certain parts of the body.


Use of Medicine

fildena 25mg is in a class of medicines called phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors. It treats erectile dysfunction by enhancing blood flow to the penis during physical stimulation. This increased blood flow can cause an erecting. Sildenafil treats PAH by reducing the blood vessels in the lungs to allow blood to flow easily.

 If you are taking Sildenafil 25 mg to treat erectile dysfunction, you should know that it does not cure erectile dysfunction or increase sexual desire. Sildenafil does not prevent pregnancy or the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).


How to use Fildena 25mg

Use the medicine in the dose similar to that prescribed by doctor. sildenafil 25mg shows effectiveness in the presence of complete sexual arousal. Once taken the medicine remains effective up to 4 hours; it is recommended that the pill should be taken at least 30 minutes prior to the sexual intercourse. For better results, avoid high fat diet before you take Fildena 25mg. Sildenafil 25mg works faster when the fat content in the blood is low.


How to work medicine

The active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate in Fildena 25mg is a selective inhibitor of cGMP- phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) enzyme. The selective inhibition of this enzyme results in the smooth muscles relaxation of the spongy region of the penis called corpus cavernosum.

This vasodilation increases the blood flow inside the penis causing its erection.


Side effects

Side effects are unwanted response of the medicine that one might get even when dosages are used in normal quantity. Some might even not get side effects after using generic viagra sildenafil as well. In general, patient might experience headache, upset stomach, painful erection and erection might last longer than 4 hours.

Some minor side effects observed with the use of Fildena 25mg are: nausea, back pain, muscle ache, dizziness, change in vision, indigestion, abdominal upset, nasal congestion palpitation or tickling feeling in breast while involved in sex, seek medical assistance. Other common minor issues like stomach ache, face flushing, bluish eyesight, nasal congestion, rashes on skin, headache etc. might be experienced for a concise duration which is temporary.



Having 200 mg of Fildena 25mg is the maximum dose of the Fildena 25mg, but the minimum dosage of the Fildena 25mg that the doctors recommend to the patients is 25 mg.  Most of the period, doctors recommend the patient to have the dosage of 50mg or 100mg. As per the tolerant power of the patient the dosage of the fildena 25 mg can be increased or decreased by the experienced doctor.


Warning And Precaution Of Fildena 25mg

For the persons who have taken any dental surgery must be cautious before taking fildena 25mg. As we have already discussed that Fildena 25mg is not recommended for the ladies and the children.

Persons who are having pain while the erection lasts for around 4 hours.A person who is facing the problem of hypertension and is on nitroglycerin or other nitratesTo ensure that you must keep fildena 25mg out of the sight of the children.

Make sure that you must have guidance from the specialist doctor before taking Fildena 25mg Always read all the necessary information before taking like ingredients and other vital information.


Storage Of Fildena 25mg

The medicines should be stored at room temperature below 30 degree Celsius. Always keep away from the reach of children and pets. Do not place in bathroom or other humid place. Never use after the expiration date.


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